How It's Grown

Biological Control

In order to control pests, beneficial bugs are introduced into the crop. This is a natural alternative to using harmful chemicals. Using biological control methods leaves a smaller impact to the environment.

Lady Bugs

Generalist Predator that we use to control aphids.

Mullen Plants

The mullen plant is a home for beneficial predators to lay their eggs. This predator (Dyciphus) feeds on a variety of pests including white fly and aphids.


Parasites are introduced into the pepper crops to control aphid populations.

Sticky Tape

Sticky tape is used to trap adult white fly. white fly can be a major pest in greenhouse crops.

Advanced Technologies

Gull Valley Greenhouses is committed to using up-to-date and sustainable technologies that are energy efficient.

Active Ventilation system – AVS
  • Energy Savings of up to 40%
  • A reduction in disease pressure
  • An improved microclimate
  • Dehumidification of the greenhouse air without added heat
  • Actively ventilating our greenhouse with relatively dry outdoor air. The outdoor air contains less moisture then the air in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is dehumidified by blowing outdoor air into it
Energy Curtain
  • Provides approx 30% savings in the heating requirements
  • Mainly during winter evenings or very cold or dark periods the curtain is deployed to reduce the area requiring heat
  • Allows humidity to pass through
LED Lighting
  • Allows us to grow year round
  • Finely tuned light recipie
  • Up tp 40% less energy used compared to HPS
Recycled Water
  • Water is recycled to reduce water and fertilizer usage
CO2 Usage
  • Carbon dioxide is captured from boilers and is given as food for the plants

Natural Pollination

Bumblebees are introduced into the greenhouse to ensure good quality pollination. Advantages include labour savings and increased fruit quality.


All vegetables at Gull Valley Greenhouses are grown using hydroponics. The growing medium is coconut fibre, which is simply ground up coconut husks. This is a great growing medium because it holds water extremely well and allows for increased oxygen, which is important for healthy roots. The plants are given just the right amount of water and nutrients each day. Hydroponics have huge advantages over conventional farming including the ability to produce high yields on a small area and the efficient use of water and fertilizer.

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