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About 12 varieties of tomatoes, which are naturally ripened on the vine to ensure the best taste possible, are sustainably and hydroponically grown. In addition to tomatoes, Gull Valley Greenhouses also grows beans, lettuce, bell peppers and herbs. Fresh produce is grown year-round with the use of LED lighting and energy efficient technologies.

Gull Valley Greenhouses is CHC (Canadian Horticulture Council) certified and adheres to all food safety standards.

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How It's Grown

Gull Valley Greenhouses is committed to using up-to-date technologies that are energy efficient.

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Gull Valley Greenhouses

We are a family operated greenhouse located in Central Alberta, just south of Gull Lake

Located in Central Alberta, just south of Gull Lake, Gull Valley Greenhouses is a family-owned and operated greenhouse, run by Phil, Carolyn, Levi and Carmen Tiemstra.

Before the greenhouse, Phil was following in his father’s footsteps by raising chickens, but said he needed something more challenging. Gull Valley Greenhouses was started by Phil and Carolyn in 1991 and was just under half an acre in size. Over the years, the business has continued to succeed and today houses four acres of greenhouse space – the latest acre being equipped with LED lights to accommodate year-round growing.

In those early days Gull Valley Greenhouses started out growing beef steak tomatoes, but the Tiemstras continue to diversify, now offering about a dozen different types of high-quality tomatoes.

Offering fresh, locally grown and sustainable produce has been a passion of the family since day one – a principle that has carried throughout the business to the present day.

For the Tiemstras, they take pride in their operation, and it’s rewarding for them to know that people are enjoying a high-quality, nutrient-filled, tasteful product.

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Calgary Farmers Market

Thursday to Sunday | 9am – 5pm
Year Round

City Market Downtownt

Saturdays 9am-3pm
May 20 – Oct. 7

St. Albert Farmer’s Market

Saturdays 10am – 3pm
June 10 – Oct. 7

Callingwood Farmer’s Market

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Old Strathcona Farmers Market

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