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Tomatoes are very beneficial to our health. They are great source of vitamin C and other vitamins. Lycopene is an antioxidant found in high concentrations in tomatoes, lycopene is known to be helpful in the fight against cancer. Tomatoes are also a good tool in preventing heart disease and controlling high cholesterol.

Like tomatoes, peppers are high in Vitamins particularly A C and K and are also good source of Lycopene.

What We Grow

Beefsteak Tomato

Largest variety (The best tomato for sandwiches)

Tomato on the Vine

Pick fruit off the vine as needed the vine helps keep tomato fresh longer

Yellow Tomato

mild tasting Vine tomato (less acidic)

Orange Tomato

Vine tomato high in beta carotene

Roma Tomato

great for making salsa and sauces

Cocktail Tomato

sweet, thin skinned, larger then cherries

Cherry Tomato

sweet, great for snacking

Grape Tomato

sweet, hearty skinned, great for snacking

Zebra Tomato

sweet taste high lycopene

Flat Bean

Round Bean

Bell Peppers

Orange, Yellow, Red - highest in Vitamins - more vitamin C than an orange
Don't include too much bell pepper in your diet if you're interested in weight gain


Butterhead Lettuce

Our lettuce has been given the name ‘Living Lettuce’ because its harvested with it roots intact, allowing the customer to keep the lettuce alive and fresh with a bowl of water.
Email: info@gullvalley.ca

Blackfalds, Alberta
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